United States


Korea(Hyundai Engineering & Construction) has teamed up with U.S. Holtec International for Small Modular Reactor(SMR) development and deployment. The two companies agreed on the overall business operations, including ▲ joint development of a commercialization model ▲ joint participation in marketing and bidding ▲ joint promotion of businesses. Holtec's SMR-160 model has passed the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC)’s first phase of the preliminary approval process for reactor design and is currently undergoing the approval process by the USNRC.

United Kingdom


Korea has been cooperating for the Moorside nuclear power plant project since 2017. At present, the UK government is developing the details of its Regulated Asset Base (RAB*) model, which is to be applied to new nuclear power projects in the country. Once it is finalized, Korea will carry on the cooperation for the project with UK.
*Regulated Asset Base(RAB): Model to lower the tariff through project cost saving from increased private sector participation.
Private sector participation is induced through reduced risks from various measures including government support.

Czech Republic


CEZ Group’s Dukovany II power plant has sent out letters and started a security assessment of three potential bidders for a new nuclear unit. The letters were sent to KHNP of South Korea, EdF of France, and Westinghouse of the USA. The potential bidders have submitted all relevant information to CEZ by the end of November, and the Government will decide which potential bidders will be invited to participate in the tender.



Since winning the bid for the replacement of Turbine Building Closed Cycle Heat Exchanger at Krsko Nuclear Power Plant last July, Korea is smoothly following through with the project. As one of the main suppliers to Krsko Nuclear Power Plant, Korea is striving to continue cooperation with Slovenia and to broaden our business.



Korea exports nuclear fuel spacer grids and other small parts to Indústrias Nucleares do Brasil (INB), a nuclear fuel company in Brazil since 2006.



Poland is currently planning to build six nuclear units with a combined capacity of 6~9 GWe by 2043. For the future nuclear industry in Poland, Korea is expanding cooperation with Poland and held a meeting on November 2021 with Polish Plenipotentiary for Strategic Energy Infrastructure and the Undersecretary of State of the Ministry of Climate and Environment during the visit of the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy of Korea and the CEO of KHNP.



As the large-scale facility improvement projects for Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant is underway, the primary focus is on operations and maintenance(O&M) projects such as equipment supply and engineering services. Currently, Korea continues cooperation and discussion with local companies in order to win the bid for Tritium Removal Facility(TRF) project.



A Korean supplier, NADA, awarded a contract to supply Turbine Supervisory Instrument(TSI) for Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant in September 2021.

Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia is currently planning on constructing two reactors by 2030. The bid has been on-going since the selection of five supplier candidates, including Korea, the U.S., Russia, France and China in June 2018. K.A.CARE, the owner of the plant, is planning on issuing its Request for Proposal very soon.

United Arab Emirates

  • Current Status of Barakah NPPs
  • The UAE has implemented four NPPs at the Barakah site with four APR1400 from TEAM KOREA
  • Unit 1 has started commercial operation in April 1st
  • Unit 2 has completed fuel loading in Macrh
  • Unit 3 and 4’s construction stands at 96.0% and 91.8 % (as of October 2021)

South Africa


Korea submitted the response to the Request for Information(RFI) for the 2.5GW nuclear power plant project planned by South Africa’s Department of Mineral Resources and Energy in October 2020. According to the statement made by the Deputy Minister of Mineral Resource and Energy at the IAEA 65th General Conference, South Africa plans to issue a request for proposal for 2,500MWe of new nuclear capacity at the end of March 2022.



Korea(Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, DHIC) has been continuing robust relations with Chinese market. Following the first contract for Instrumentation and Controls(I&C) for Xudapu Unit 3 & 4, DHIC awarded another IAPS(Industrial Anti-Seismic Protection System - a key component of I&C) contract for China's Tianwan Unit 7 & 8 in August.

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